NUS Singapore MBA and 4 other admits for Indian IT Engineer Male

Greetings everyone! What a fine morning. Let’s have MBA, CAT, GMAT for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great taste for food. But these abbreviations are hyped so much, they were my first thought in the morning when I was preparing.

About myself, I graduated as an engineer, worked with an IT consultancy firm and am now joining a business school. Sounds familiar?

I followed my parents’ advice and studied engineering. Observing my seniors’ fat packages I appeared for CAT. I didn’t read anything about any institutes, I just followed what Chintu Uncle’s son and Swami the topper were doing. Gave CAT a shot, didn’t make the cut. I thank my stars for that.
so now I, a very astute thinker, decided to take the GMAT, because international universities are better ranked globally. And what’s the top B school in my list? ISB, right? Wrong! Nothing against ISB but I realized that I was just following the crowd.

Finally, this furry little my mind of mine started thinking. I started asking myself questions. Why exactly was I banging on the MBA door? What did I want from it?

So I thought about my journey so far. I could be a “typical” MBA candidate from India, but I beg to differ. I did mechanical engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, but I am more than a guy who just got his degree. I represented my college in a competition organized by NASA and God I worked hard for it. I carried on doing what I loved, sports, and won the best sportsmen award in my institute. Later I fared well after joining Deloitte Consulting and moved up the ranks. This made me realize that I don’t need an MBA to prove anything to anyone. MBA is not at all an end, sometimes not even the means to an end.