Babson Essay and Recommendation Questions – 2014-2015 Intake

Essay Questions

Required Essays

Define Your Future
Please describe your short and long-term career goals and why they are important to you. How do you expect to leverage your experience at Babson to make progress towards these goals? (400 words)

Define Your Difference
Help us learn more about the multifaceted and talented person you are by picking 3 of the 6 questions below and responding to each one in 150 words or less.

  • What is an innovative/creative idea or change that you are most proud of implementing personally or professionally?
  • Tell us about a time when something in your life felt particularly challenging and how you were able to respond to that challenge.
  • Tell us three random things about you beyond what is already apparent from your application.
  • Describe the most constructive feedback that you have received and how you implemented this into your personal and/or professional life.
  • Describe a time when you were curious about something. What did you do to satisfy that sense of curiosity?
  • Which of the Babson program learning goals do you find most appealing and why?

(If you prefer, you may answer these questions as a video (2-3 minutes total), Infographic, or presentation. If you choose to do so, please include a link to your video or presentation)

Optional Essay

If you feel that there is any additional information that would add value to your application, or if you would like to address any extenuating circumstances (i.e., gaps in work or academic history, choice of recommenders, academic performance issues, etc.), please use this essay as an opportunity to do so. (250 words)

Recommendation questions

1)In what capacity and how long have you known the applicant?
2)If English is not the applicant’s native language, please comment on his or her oral and written English proficiency.
3)What are the applicant’s most salient strengths?
4)What areas can the applicant improve and what has he or she done to address these issues?
5)Please comment on the applicant’s potential for leadership.
6)Please add any additional comments regarding the applicant that you think would assist the Admissions Committee in making its decision.

7) Please rate the applicant on the following skills and comment:

  • ·         Written communication skills
  • ·         Oral communication skills
  • ·         Quantitative skills
  • ·         Problem-solving skills
  • ·         Decision-making skills
  • ·         Ability to work with others
  • ·         Initiative
  • ·         Maturity
  • ·         Leadership

8) Do you recommend the applicant for admission to the Babson graduate program? (Comment)