Boston University Essay and Recommendation Questions – 2014-2015 Intake

Essay Questions:

Applicants are required to answer the following two questions. Please be sure to clearly label each essay with the question at the top. Essays must be formatted in 10-point font or larger using double-spacing.

1. Describe your decision to pursue an MBA degree, highlighting the following:

a. Why an MBA? What professional experiences have inspired your career plans and prompted you to explore the MBA? (up to 250 words)

b. Why BU? How have you determined that Boston University School of Management is the right fit for your studies?

c. What are your career goals? If you are applying to any of our full-time MBA programs, what are your immediate post-graduation career plans? If you are applying to the Professional Evening MBA program, where do you see yourself professionally in five years? (up to 250 words – please address the question specific to your program of choice)

2. Choose three of the following six short answer sentences: (up to 100 words for each answer)

a. I have created value for the world by…

b. An interesting fact about me is…

c. I am most passionate about…

d. My favorite travel destination is…

e. My greatest life experience was when…

f. The failure I have learned the most from is…



If you have additional information to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee, you may address it in an optional essay of no more than 250 words. Acceptable topics for the optional essay include gaps in post-college work experience, choice of recommenders, and concerns about academic/test performance. If you plan to retake any admissions tests (GMAT or GRE; TOEFL, IELTS or PTE), please provide the date of your scheduled test here.


Recommendation Questions:

Please answer these questions in your letter of recommendation.

1. Please describe how long and under what circumstances you have known the applicant.

2. Compared to others in a similar capacity, please assess the applicant’s talents and strengths and his or her weaknesses, and the ways he or she can improve. Please include specific examples.

3. Please comment on the applicant’s achievements, motivation, and potential for success in an MBA program and for long-term success in a managerial career.

4. If English is not his or her native language, please assess the applicant’s oral and written proficiency in English

ºPlease evaluate the applicant using the following chart, keeping in mind how he or she compares to others in a similar capacity.

1. Analytical Skills
2. Quantitative Ability
3. Written Communication Skills
4. Verbal Communication Skills
5. Initiative
6. Adaptability/Flexibility
7. Creativity
8. Sense of Humor
9. Strategic Management
10. Respect from Colleagues
11. Integrity
12. Maturity
13. Self-Confidence
14. Problem-Solving Ability
15. Potential for Career Advancement
16. Organizational Skills
17. Leadership Potential

Summary Evaluation

  •  I strongly recommend this applicant for admission.
  •  I recommend this applicant for admission.
  •  I recommend this applicant with reservation.
  •  I do not recommend this applicant for admission.