HKUST Deadlines 2015 Intake

Admissions Timetable

Admissions operate on a phase basis. We recommend that international applicants apply by the first or second deadline to allow sufficient time for personal preparations and arrival at Hong Kong for the MBA. Consideration of late applications will depend on the availability of places. Application deadlines for the 2015 intake are as follows.

Phase  Application  Deadline Interview Notificationlatest by Admission Resultslatest by
1 Nov 13, 2014 (Thu) Jan 9, 2015 (Fri) Feb 6, 2015 (Fri)
2  Jan 13, 2015 (Tue) Mar 13, 2015 (Fri) Apr 10, 2015 (Fri)
3 Mar 13, 2015 (Fri) May 8, 2015 (Fri) Jun 5, 2015 (Fri)

HKUST Essay and Recommendation Questions – 2013 Intake

Essay Questions:

1)Please tell us your motivations to pursue an MBA program, and why is now the best timing to do one. (max 1200 characters, ~200 words)


2) Please elaborate on your career goals. How will your academic training, professional experience coupled with an MBA education at HKUST help you achieve your goals? (max 1200 characters, ~200 words)


3) If you were admitted, how could your participation at HKUST MBA enrich fellow students’ experience inside or outside classroom? (max 1200 characters, ~200 words)


4) Answer one of the following:

a. Describe a situation where your initial attempt to solve a problem failed. Tell us how you get around to finally solve the problem.
b. Describe a situation where you created opportunities for yourself and led to a favorable outcome.
(max 1800 characters, ~300 words)


5)  Answer one of the following:

a. Tell us a situation when you experienced challenges in team setting, and what you have done to help the team achieve its goals.
b. Describe a situation when you got frustrated over differences in culture or work style. What have you learnt from that experience?
(max 1800 characters, ~300 words)


6. Please tell us a situation where you faced an ethical dilemma. How did you handle the situation? (max 1200 characters, ~200 words)


7. What do you want the Admissions Committee to know about you as a person?  (max 1200 characters, ~200 words)


Recommendation Questions:

1. How long and under what capacity have you known the applicant? (max ~50 words)


2. Please rate  and comment on the applicant’s abilities and characteristics  as compared with his/her peers:

a. Communication Skills

b. Team Work

c. Confidence

d. Self Awareness

e. Motivation/ Proactive mentality

f. Flexibility/ Openness

g. Selfless Contributions

h. Learning Agility

i. Ethics and Integrity

j. Leadership

3. The Admissions Committee would appreciate any additional statements you may wish to make regarding the applicant’s MBA application. (max ~100 words)