London Business School Essay and Recommendation Questions – 2014-2015 Intake

Essay Questions

  1. What are your post-MBA plans and how will your past experience and the London Business School programme contribute? (500 words)
  2. How will you add value to the London Business School community? (300 words)
  3. Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (400 words)


Recommendation Questions

  1. How long have you known the applicant and in what connection?
  2. What do you consider to be the applicant’s major talents and strengths?
  3. What do you consider to be the applicant’s major weaknesses or areas for improvement?
  4. In what developmental areas has the applicant changed most over time?
  5. What will this individual be doing in 10 years? Why?
  6. It also asks you to rate the candidate on the following qualities:

Intellectual or academic ability, quantitative skills, initiative/ability to take decisions, problem solving skills, organisational skills, leadership skills, team skills, impact/charisma, self-confidence, self-motivation, oral English communication skills, written English communication skills.