So it was application time, and clueless as I was at the beginning, connecting with Vikram made a big difference in my life. Vikram knows how to help bring out the best in you in your application and really shows you how to market yourself well- and that is exactly what I needed to help me get through to my school of choice.

Vikram's application writing process is tried and tested- it was probably the most efficient process that helped me get my story right. His quality of work is outstanding and having gone through an MBA from a good school himself, Vikram knows exactly what to do at each step of the journey. The best part is that Vikram handles the entire application himself alone- therefore giving me a one-point contact for everything with undiluted assured quality.

The application process requires a lot of introspection and needed me to really think my life through before penning down anything. I knew I needed a friend to walk with me through it rather than a counselor or a guide or mentor. And Vikram did just that- took interest, discussed, probed, pushed and followed-up each and every step of the way to ultimately help me figure out my own story. Being the thorough professional that Vikram is, at no point in time did I feel that I was being judged or evaluated on my life experiences. He knows how to put you at ease right from the beginning. Vikram really takes the effort to get to know you before he helps you figure out what to put down on your app.

Vikram has a very collaborative way of working. As much as I felt initially that I could adhere to timelines and have my application ready well in advance- being a working individual- I often found it difficult to keep pace. Vikram did give me the necessary nudge and push to get me working when I went slack but at the same time, he made it a point that it didn't become a habit. He is well-versed with different working styles and adapts to your requirements. He keeps connected- be it through phone calls, Skype, emails or even SMSs. You don't necessarily have to be in the same city while working with him. I remember for most part of the application process, I was traveling and everything was managed beautifully- irrespective of where I was.

Vikram delivers what he promises- high quality of work, personalized attention to your app, collaborative way of working, and dependable even at odd hours- an ideal fit for working individuals. And if you think he's handling only your applications- You're wrong!! He's doing the same for multiple students and yet the quality is as good as it can get with absolutely no complaints.

As far as the pricing goes- I feel a little bit of a time, energy and money investment now with the right MBA consultant has helped me get what I wanted. Ultimately I wanted someone who could get it right in the first shot and after it all, I thought it was totally worth the expense. I can confidently say that at the end of it all, I have not only gotten into my school of choice, but have also learnt how to showcase the best in me and market myself well- lessons that will take me a long way.

Also accepted at Ross.