Marketing Expertise

I am a marketing expert with significant experience in advertising, public relations, marketing and communications consulting on assignments for some of the world's most respected brands.

At heart, I am a story teller with an innate understanding of what makes people tick. I know how to weave mundane facts into engaging stories. I use this experience and expertise to help you tell your story, in a manner which appeals to your audience, differentiates you, builds a positive perception about you and, most importantly, sells you.

Trained Interviewer

I am a trained interviewer and have interviewed over 500 candidates for various positions. I have seen talented people fail to impress in an interview because they don't know how to present themselves.

When I train you for an interview, I help you construct answers that bring out your unique selling points, aid you with your body language, teach you how to engage the interviewer and help you overcome nervousness. Most importantly, I teach you how to take control of the interview so that you can showcase your strengths and get your key messages across.

MBA Experience

I earned my MBA from Manchester Business School, spent one semester at Instituto de Empresa and experienced the work permit application and job hunting process. I have also represented my school at recruitment fairs and spoken at information sessions as an alumni representative.

Hence, beyond sharing my first hand experience of the entire application process, I share with you insights on life at Bschool, exchange programs, internship and job searches, networking, financing your MBA and help you set realistic expectations from your MBA experience.

Focus on Content

I focus more on the content of your application and less on your writing style. You are applying to Business School and are not participating in an essay writing contest; flowery language is less important than content. I help you articulate your thoughts and pen engaging stories that are relevant to the questions asked. I screen all your content including your application form, essays, letters of recommendation and your interview answers to ensure that all the messages across your application are clear and consistent.

I Market You

Only if I know you can I market you. Therefore, I learn everything there is to know about you before we begin work on an application, a process which may take upto 2 weeks. I identify your strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which may be leveraged for applications to different schools. I know what attributes different schools are looking for and package your credentials accordingly for each school.

Thus, when you are considering various experiences from your life as stories for your essays and interviews, I may suggest more appropriate experiences from your life which you may have not considered, that may be more relevant to an essay topic or interview question. Thus, I ensure that you are communicating your most relevant stories to different schools.

High Standards

I set very high standards and don't accept mediocrity. When you have just one chance at admission for the academic year and are paying over $200 in fees per application, you need to make the most of the opportunity. In addition, when you have only one chance to build a strong case for a scholarship, you must give your best. I critique your essays, often brutally, and coach you on how to improve. I challenge your ideas, question your assumptions and push you to give your best. So, when we finally send out your application, it will be one that we are proud of.

Unlimited Hours

Everyone is different and everyone responds to feedback differently, which is why I don't have a set number of hours or maximum number of edits per document for people. Some people are able to churn out brilliant essays with just 3 to4 edits whereas others need more hand-holding. Everyone has their own style of learning, preparing and performing. I invest as many hours as it takes to bring out the best in you.

Flexible Hours

I understand that you have job responsibilities. Hence, as far as possible, I adjust my timings to accommodate you. If communicating in the morning before you head to work suits you best, I adjust and will take your calls at 7a.m. If you get home from work late, I accommodate you and work with you at night and on weekends.

Success Fee

I tie my success to yours. My basic fee-success fee model encourages me to work harder and push you harder. It motivates us to aspire for more competitive schools and aids you in saving a considerable amount of money by helping you win a scholarship. However, if you win a scholarship from one institution and are also accepted into a school which is far more competitive and will take your career significantly further, I would happily forgo the success fee I would have earned on helping you get a scholarship, if you opt for the latter.

Your Best Interests

I look out for your best interests. If I feel that you are compromising on your choice of school, or are opting to study at a school which isn't going to help you achieve your career goals, or are capable of getting into a much better institution perhaps with some additional experience or are taking too much risk with your finances, I make you aware of that. I ensure that you make informed decisions.