Vikram Shah

MBA Admissions Consulting

  • Is your MBA application
    really selling you?

    I teach you how to market yourself.

  • You get just one shot.
    Aspire for perfection.

    I offer unlimited essay reviews and edits.

  • Interviewers spend
    30 seconds on a CV.

    I help you construct a resumé that stands out.

  • Practice makes perfect.

    I offer unlimited hours of interview training.

  • Will your school give you
    access to top recruiters?

    I help you select schools based on your goals.

Hi! I am Vikram Shah and I help MBA applicants strengthen their candidature and gain significant competitive advantage through the way they market themselves to Business Schools. I also help my clients make informed decisions and assist them in selecting schools that best match their goals, resources and credentials. If you are looking at pursuing an MBA degree, then do explore my website, learn more about me and what I can do for you.


  • I selected Vikram after a lot of research on other consultancies and without a doubt he is the best.
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  • From discussing which B-schools to apply, getting the CV right to endless drafts of essays, Vikram was there to help me, working harder than I did. Also as he got to know me better, he was the one who encouraged me to apply to higher-ranking schools and we eventually decided to apply to Top 10 only.
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  • It is very important to project a consistent and clear picture of "Who you are" to the Adcom. Vikram forces you to think deep about every word you put in your application. After some sessions I too developed the same bent of mind. This really helped me communicate my message clearly not only in my applications but also during my interviews. He acted like an amazing sounding board giving very objective and clear feedback.
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    - TUCK

  • Vikram knows how to help bring out the best in you in your application and really shows you how to market yourself well- and that is exactly what I needed to help me get through to my school of choice.
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    On his website, Vikram Shah says, "I am a marketeer, a story teller, a writer, a coach, a teacher and a consultant. I like helping people achieve their goals. I am very straight forward and am brutally honest with feedback. I work very hard and set very high standards." After having known him for more than a year now, I would say just the same for him or even more!
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    Vikram was always on top of the game, guiding me throughout the process – challenging me when I wasn't aiming high enough, and bringing me back to reality when I got carried away. Time was no barrier at all and Vikram was unlike any consultant I had ever heard of. He was more like a big brother – available and ready whenever I wanted help, night or day, weekday or weekend.
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    Vikram played a vital and key role in my bschool application process. He was there from the start (resume revision/drafting) to the finish (interview advice/practices).
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  • DUKE

    When I started with my MBA application, I was completely overwhelmed with the volumes of essays I had to write and the whole application process. Hence I decided I needed someone who could guide me through the whole process and help me bring out the best in me. A good friend of mine from a reputed B-school introduced me to Vikram and after speaking to him I was convinced he was the right person for me to work with.
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  • ROSS

    Right from Day 1, Vikram has been a partner in the effort of applying to B Schools – guiding my progress at every step. Unlike most other consultants, he followed this unique approach where he went through a "Life History Walkthrough" to understand every aspect of my life and thus found episodes that I never thought were consequential.
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    My reason for an MBA after significant experience was to switch industry and along with it function and geography. After evaluating several foreign and domestic MBA consultants, I zeroed in to work with Vikram, primarily for his 'no strings attached' approach to working with applicants.
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  • ISB

    Writing an application involves knowing yourself accurately. Atleast for me, it was not one bit easy to write about myself. Vikram helped me, with his apt questions, understand how to put forward my achievements, skills, etc. His honest, unbiased opinion really helps drive things in the right direction with the right spirit.
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    The best thing about Vikram is his ability to understand your profile and help you find areas which can be marketed. While working on essays, he helped me put the work and projects I had done into a perspective that I had not explored myself coming from a set way of thinking.
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    After a terrible experience with a consulting firm for essay review, I was looking for someone who could actually add value to my applications and increase my chances of getting into a reputed college. I am glad I chose Vikram (over tens of other consultancies) and now I am joining school with a $70,000 scholarship!!
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  • ISB

    The thing best I guess about Vikram is his genuineness and commitment. He will make sure that you constantly push the envelope and give your best and that, I believe, makes the difference. No compromise on quality!
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    There are many good things about Vikram. But, the best ones are that he is thoroughly professional, takes his work very seriously. He is unbelievably reachable all the time. He is brutally honest, extremely efficient and painfully punctual. All I can say is that, he is the reason that I will be attending B-school this year.
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