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Boost your chances of admission to your dream school.
Select schools that are the right fit.
The college admission process begins from the 9th standard and not just the 12th.
Get expert advise on how to build your profile for college admissions.
Stand out from the crowd. No templates. Just your story.

Colleges abroad look at the academic performance of students throughout their high school i.e. from the 9th standard onwards. That’s why, from the 9th standard through till their early 12th standard, we help our clients on building their credentials for college applications. For the majority of the 12th standard, we focus on presenting our clients’ credentials. Irrespective of which stage of the journey you are at, we can help.

Why choose us?

Experienced Team

A team of experts each of whom has not only studied abroad but also has years of experience with undergraduate applications.


In-depth knowledge about the application processes of leading universities across the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

End-to-end Support

From helping 8th standard students build their profile to providing complete college application assistance.

Highly Personalized

Highly personalized, no standard templates. A child’s admissions plan will be designed to fit their personal choices and individual strengths.


Comprehensive Application Packages including
  • Assessment of a student’s passion, interests and career goals
  • Course and country selection
  • University selection
  • Resume creation
  • Identifying Unique Selling Points
  • Ideating and editing essays for college applications
  • Application form guidance and review
  • Video Essay and interview preparation
  • Financial aid and scholarship assistance
Profile Building
  • For schools students
  • For college students
  • For post-graduate aspirants

Realize your dreams