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Experienced Team

A team of experts experienced in working with applicants from diverse disciplines.


In-depth knowledge about the application processes of leading universities across the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Quick Turnaround

Officially, we commit to responding to clients within 48 hours, but in truth, it's under 24.

Highly Personalized

Highly personalized, no standard templates.

Acceptance Rate

100% acceptance rate, with all getting into at least 1 of their top 3 choice of schools.

Unlimited Edits

We don’t have a set number of hours or a maximum number of edits per document for people.


We ensure the privacy of our clients and don’t even mention their names in testimonials.

Return on investment

Many of our clients get admission to schools that were seemingly beyond their reach.


Be it career counselling or college selection, we adopt a very practical and realistic approach.

Our process

Our process starts with getting to know you. The purpose of this exercise is to help you recall the various activities you have participated in since childhood, challenges that you may have overcome, learning experiences, catalysts that have influenced your development etc. The professional part of this exercise will help us understand your responsibilities, achievements, skills and impact on the organizations you have worked with. This also lays the foundation for constructing your resumé. We may follow it with a “walk through” to get to know you better and answer questions arising from your life history document. The entire exercise takes 1 week to complete.

Vikram Shah Consulting will teach you how to construct a world class professional resumé which stands out from the crowd, and showcases academic and professional experiences that are relevant to the programs you will be applying to. We share with you sample templates, help you create content, and teach you how to write each bullet. Your resumé will go through a number of edits and should take ~2 weeks to complete.

Based on your goals, academic record, test scores, extra-curricular achievements, work experience, finances and geographic preferences, we will help you put together a list of schools dream, competitive and safe schools to apply to. We will also coach you on conducting research so that you may learn more about these schools and determine which is the best fit.

We help you ideate your statement of purpose by matching your background and subject area of interest to your goals. We help you select your most relevant achievements/experiences, and weave them into a coherent story that perfectly matches with the program that you are applying to. We then help you edit your essays and bring them down to the word limit. For additional essays, we brainstorm on topics and content and coach you on crafting your essays. We ensure that your statement of purpose and essays reflect your personality, demonstrate your originality and make you stand out from the crowd.

We advise you on selecting the right people to seek recommendations from and advise you on the conversations to have with your recommenders to help you get strong recommendations. We also share guidelines for first time recommenders on how to craft a good recommendation.

Some applications require you to submit a video essay along with your application, some with spontaneous questions. We coach you both how to prepare for such essays and how to answer random questions spontaneously in a time bound manner. For programs that invite you to interview, we share with you common interview questions and teach you how to answer questions. We help you construct answers and conduct mock interviews, training you till you are ready.

Once you have filled in the entire application form and uploaded all your documents, our team reviews it to ensure that all the information you have provided is clear, correct and consistent. If there are sections of the form which have a character/word limit, we create and edit content for these.

After you receive admission offers from various schools, we help you review your options and select the most appropriate program keeping in mind scholarships, course content, brand value and your career goals.

Our clients have been accepted at schools including

Masters University


5 School applications


* Taxes are extra and will be charged as applicable (currently @18%).

8 School applications


* Taxes are extra and will be charged as applicable (currently @18%).

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